Kask Size Guide

To find the correct size of Kask helmet for you, first find a tape measure. Wrap it around your head at the point that a helmet would sit, and adjust it to a comfortably tightness. Position it just above the ears, and take note of the measurement in centimetres.

To know if your helmet is the right size, scroll down to our tips at the bottom.


Mojito X

    VeloVixen Size     cm     inches  
    Small 48-56
    Medium 52-58
    Large 59-62
    X-Large 63-64


    * This includes jerseys, jackets, gilets and base layers.

    Note: the inside leg measurement is naturally less relevant for shorts than for tights!


    How you know when a cycling helmet is right:

    1. Wear the helmet for a few minutes, to check whether it fits well or if it causes pain in any particular area.
    2. Once it has been on for a short while, jiggle it around to test that it's comfortable.
    3. Once it's secured, a cycling helmet should be comfortable, but should not move around.
    4. The strap and buckle are fastened, they must not prevent you from moving your neck freely.
    5. Look to replace your helmet every 3-4 years to avoid degradation, or after any impact.