VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub

It's that time of the year again! We'll be heading once again to NEC Cycle Show to host our Women's Cycling Hub. This time, we'll be joining forces with British Cycling's HSBC UK Breeze to make this year's event even better than ever! There will be inspirational talks, panels and discussions from extraordinary cycling women. This year, the theme will be inclusivity - however amazing the speakers, they'll explain how they got into cycling and came to love it.

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Highlights will include:
  • - Multiple Olympic Gold Medallist Jo Rowsell Shand
  • - BMX Champion Shanaze Reade
  • - European Track Gold Medallist & Ride London winner Kirsten Wild
  • - Transcontinental Race winners Ede Harrison and Emily Chappell
  • - World Bike Girl, adventure cyclist and author Ishbel Holmes
  • - World Record Holder and founder of Courage Bicycles Katie Ford
  • - The Bianchi Dama Women's Pro Team


11:00 Maria David - ‘2WheelChick’ - taking on life and the world on two wheels

12:00 Anna Glowinski - Q&A with the multi-talented rider, designer and women’s cycling figurehead

13:00 Ishbel Holmes - 'World Bike Girl’ - from sprinting for Iran to cycling the world (and adopting dogs along the way)

14:00 Kirsten Wild - how to beat Marianne Vos and other tales - Q&A with a 4-time World Champion

15:00 Joanna Rowsell Shand - from Olympic gold to grass roots


10.45 Bianchi Dama - juggling act: being elite cyclists with full time jobs

12.00 Womendurance with Mason Cycles (Naomi Freireich, Jenn Wicks, Phillippa Battye) - how female adventure cyclists are taking on the world

13.00 Lee Bibring (LoveVelo) - why cycling holidays ARE for you

14.00 Shanaze Reade - Ned Boulting interviews the triple UCI BMX World Champion

15.00 Edie Harrison & Emily Chappell - Winning the Transcontinental Race as a solo woman


10.45 Triathlon panel - How to get into triathlon - and get good at it

11.30 Katie Ford (Endurance World Record Holder) - how does a cycling world record holder get into the cycling business?

12.30 Rebecca Nourse (Cycling Nutrition Expert) - eating and drinking your way into a better cyclist

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