VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub 2016

Back for 2017: The VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub

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Here Come the Girls – how and why women’s cycling is blooming

  • Julie Rand (Cycling UK)
  • Diane Jeggo (Breeze)
  • Liz Colebrook (Beaumont Bicycle)


Tracy Moseley – Q&A

Legendary MTB Champion


Token Attractive Female? – where is media coverage on women’s cycling?

  • Laura Winter (VoxWomen)
  • Rebecca Charlton (Cycling Presenter, Commentator, Journalist)


Why You Should Try CycloCross – and keep cycling through Winter

  • Fran Whyte (Bicester Millennium CC)



Beyond Selling Stuff – bringing something fresh to women’s cycling

  • Lynne Bye (Founder, Fat Lad/Lass at the Back)
  • Judith Smith (MD, Primal Europe)
  • Rhian Ravencroft (Founder, Threo)


Corrine Hall MBE – Q&A Paralympian Gold Medallist


Your Biggest Challenge: Ride the Tour de France with Le Loop*

  • Emily Chappell (Lead Rider, Le Loop; ultra-endurance cyclist; founder of the Adventure Syndicate)
  • Sarah Perry (Organiser, Le Loop)
  • Julia Tilley (Rider, 2017 – survived)

* Formerly Tour de Force


Get Over It – how cycling can help you overcome fears and challenges, and come out stronger in every sense

  • Adele Mitchell (Journalist, cycling fanatic)
  • Diane Jeggo (Breeze)


Adventure Syndicate – female cycling adventures to take your breath away

  • Emily Chappell – adventurer
  • Lee Craigie – adventurer



Let’s Club Together – how cycling clubs can get it right for women

  • Kate Horsfall (Yorkshire Lass CC)
  • Fran Whyte (Bicester Millennium CC)
  • Kat Young (Cowley Road Condors CC)
  • Eleanor Pye (Hinckley CRC)


Taking on the Impossible – riding the 2,400 mile Transcontinental

  • Grace Lambert-Smith (Rider, 2017)
  • Eleanor Ceindeg (Rider, 2017)


Jo Rowsell Shand MBE – Q&A Multiple Olympic Gold Medallist, World Champion, World Record Holder and BBC Pundit


Simone Dailey – build a base, build a champion

Triathlon Age Group World Champion and Personal Trainer – The importance of glute strength and optimum lower body power in order to increase your overall performance on and off the bike


The 10,000km Date – how VeloVixen was born through a year long ride

Liz Bingham (Co-Founder)

Back in January 2016, we went to the organisers of the Cycle Show with a proposal...

'Why', we asked, 'don't more women come to the show? There's no shortage of passionate female cyclists out there. Let's give them an attraction they can really relate to.'

The Cycle Show team pricked up their ears. They knew something was missing from the UK's main cycle shows. We knew it. And - judging from the response since - you knew it too.

And so the VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub was born. If we build it, they will come, we told them. So we built it. And you came.

Watch last year's highlight video...

face to face

How can more women be encouraged to cycle? What is a bike fit? Are more women cycling than ever before? We asked five of our faces from the VV Hub Stage these questions. Hear their responses by clicking below.

relive the women's cycling hub stage

inspire your next ride

We invited speakers from across the cycling world. Excitingly, nobody said no. That told us that we'd done the right thing and how important it was to use this chance to advance the profile of women's cycling.

From the elite end of cycling, we hosted Olympic gold medallists Jo Rowsell Shand and Dani King, the Drops Cycling Team and mountain bike champions Manon Carpenter and Sally Bigham.

Even more extreme, we brought together adventurer Laura Bingham and transcontinental ultra cyclists Shu Pillinger and Emily Chappell.

Experts within their field like bike fitter Dr Bryan Roberts, nutritionist Jasmine Campbell, frame builder Liz Colebrook and several of our most talented female cycling kit designers graced our stage.

And other knowledgeable cycling experts such as Sportsister Editor Danielle Sellwood, Total Women's Cycling Editor Michelle Arthurs and journalists Adele Mitchell and Chris Garrison all joined us for no-holds-barred discussions. It was all compèred with typical flair and grace by Lady Velo herself, Jools Walker. Even our own founder Liz Bingham gave the story of what inspired VeloVixen in the first place.

What unified all our brilliant speakers? They all spoke from the heart. They all spoke with eloquence and intelligence. They all spoke with a real love for cycling and all that it brings us. And they all agreed that the VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub helped provide an unprecedented platform and tailwind for women's cycling as we headed into the autumn. You only had to watch the faces of the audiences to see how much people loved hearing from them.

(Clockwise from top left) Shu Pillinger signing the 'Bag of Legends'; Founders Liz & Phil with Olympic golden girls Jo Rowsell Shand and Dani King; inside the 'cage'; our best-selling Urbanist padded cycling pants; Morvelo's latest range; the Hub before opening; almost finished; hard working team; filming the action; Liz & Phil with mountain biking champion Manon Carpenter (plus broken collar bone!); Vixens Ozzie and Lauren in the changing rooms; Shu Pillinger and Emily Chappell in full flight; the Drops Cycling Team; Lady Velo Jools Walker interviewing Jo Rowsell Shand.

the reactions

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hits from the show

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