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PDW Whiskey Grips (Brown)

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Why to buy: Smart, durable, high quality leather handle grips. A perfectly stylish bike accessory.

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When we first saw the PDW Whiskey™ leather handlebar grips, we knew how flattering they would look on your urban bicycle. OK, it may have crossed our minds to try a celebratory sip of the finest malt - these grips do age beautifully and will gain character over time... see where the inspiration came from?

The vegetable tanned, high grain quality leather has been conditioned with natural oils and waxes for a better grip - hands will also feel cushioned due to the ergonomic shape. Alloy lockrings prevent them from rotating while you ride - there's no fun in adjusting your hands every 2 minutes.

A real tasteful whiskey. Get your hands on a pair of grips and whisk yourself off before the 'barrel runs dry'.

Size Guide

  • Fits 22.0 - 22.2mm handlebars.
  • 138mm (5.4") long.
  • 187 grams (6.6 ounces) per pair.

Happiness is... Riding my bike (and knowing my grips are truly the grippiest).

Tech Spec

  • Made in Portland.
  • Dark brown handle grips.
  • Durable, high grain quality Italian leather.
  • Sturdy machined aluminum alloy lockrings.
  • Ergonomic shape.
  • Baseball style stitching.
  • Fits 22.0 - 22.2mm handlebars.
  • 130mm (5.1") long.
  • 136 grams (4.8 ounces) per pair.
  • Slide grips onto bike bars & tighten with a 3mm Allen key.

Who's Behind It?

Portland Design Works (PDW) launched in 2008 with a handful (literally) of fancy handlebar grips. Since then, from their base in the cycling Mecca of Portland, Oregon they now design dozens of beautifully engineered, neatly crafted accessories to make your urban riding that much more comfortable, convenient, safe – and, oh yes, fun!

They strive to make products that encourage people to ride their bikes as part of their everyday life, with minimal fuss and a healthy dollop of style. That said, plenty of their offerings work perfectly for more technical, longer rides too.

PDW ensure everything they produce reflects their three-way aim: aesthetics, durability and rebuildability. When we heard they would be venturing across the Atlantic to the UK, we were quick to grab the chance to work with them. We think you’ll see why when you hold one of their range in your hands!

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