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Punctures & Panniers Cycling Travel Journal


Why to buy: It's the journal for the journey. Write about the happy and hard times, sketch a bicycle, store your momentos and plan the details of your trip. Plus, you can read up on touring tips and easy recipe ideas to help you out along the way.

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It's always nice to look back and read about the exciting things you'd got up to whilst venturing in the big outdoors. Generally we don't remember everything and sometimes the little moments get forgotten about. This is where the Punctures & Panniers Cycling Travel Journal comes in handy...

This eco-friendly journal is printed on 100% recycled paper, using bio-degradable ink and a 100% natural and fair trade rubber band. Not only this, but it's been produced using clean energy - so the air and water stays fresh and healthy (minus the pollutants). The pages are curved at the corners, so you don't constantly prick youself - a personal favourite here at VeloVixen!

The journal is designed to help you organise your cycling trip into different sections, so you can find what you need quickly. Based on real experiences of life on the road, there really isn't a better way to collect your thoughts, special moments, places you've seen and new friends you've made, than on a functional, yet simple layout. It beats your average notepad any day of the week!

We have quite the adventurous team ourselves...

*Get some travel tips from Rose or read about Liz & Phils epic journey.

Size Guide

Dimensions ~ Height 207mm | Width 130mm | 128 pages

Tech Spec

  • Printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Uses biodegradable ink
  • 100% natural & fair trade rubber band
  • Printed with renewable energy
  • 128 pages
  • Pages for writing & sketching
  • Beautiful illustrations inspired by Claire's trip (see Who's Behind It)
  • A world map to document where you have been or intend to cycle
  • A 'draw your own map' guide
  • Motivational quotes to get you through the hard days
  • Hearty, easy-to-make recipes
  • Touring tips from Claire & André (see Who's Behind It)
  • Space for contact details
  • Envelopes to store momentos in ~ postcards | tickets
  • Eco rubber band to hold your journal together
  • Curved edges
  • Designed & printed in London, UK
  • Dimensions ~ Height: 207mm | Width: 130mm | 128 pages

Who's Behind It?

In 2015, psychologist Claire and her boyfriend André decided to give their office chairs a break, take to their saddles and embark on a cycling adventure.

Their plan was to cycle from their home town in London all the way to Japan, visiting 24 different countries of interest in between. A chance to experience new cultures and landscapes alongside their ultimate aim, to challenge themselves in ways they couldn't whilst ploughing a more 'normal' furrow in London.

The trip turned out to be every bit as extraordinary as they could have imagined, and they completed their 20,000km journey 18 months later! Wowza!

When they returned, and knowing exactly what the touring cyclist needs, Claire began collaborating with her artist friend and fellow cycling fanatic Ania to create unique and beautiful products for cycling tourists...

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