Madison Stellar Reflective Waterproof Jacket (Silver / Aqua Blue)

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Why to Buy: stunning by day, dazzling by night - it's the perfect 24 hour waterproof cycling jacket

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  1. Does what it says!

    Review by Judy (Posted on October 18, 2018)

    First time of wearing was for a round 43 mile commute, the first 21 being in very heavy continuous rain. It worked! My upper body was completely dry and not over-heated. I was doubtful about the hood, but it did fit over my helmet and I was able to move my head without any problems, and the best thing was - it stopped the water from running down the back of my neck, whilst sitting snugly when not needed on my return. Added to which I felt confident of being seen in the murky conditions.

  2. Super reflective

    Review by Ruth (Posted on October 09, 2018)

    Great jacket - super-reflective, super comfortable, and warm but not too sweaty. Wore it out in the drizzle with just a cycling jersey underneath in 10 degrees and was just the right temperature for a hard effort 10 miles ride.

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