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VeloVixen Padded Cycling Knickers - Teal Stars

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Why to Buy: stunningly designed, incredibly versatile and just plain stylish, VeloVixen's first ever own creation will do you proud for commuting, spinning or touring.

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  1. Love them

    Review by GertyX (Posted on April 26, 2019)

    Picked up a pair at the London Bike Show. I mountain bike, and while they aren't meant to be really heavy duty padding, they're pretty good, and address the big issue I have of overheating. With a pair of baggy shorts they are really comfy. I regret not getting more, but I'm under doctors orders to lose weight, so I'm waiting. The size XL is plenty big enough for size 18/20.

  2. Comfortable and stylish knickers

    Review by Annie (Posted on April 11, 2019)

    These knickers are great to wear under ordinary leggings and provide that extra comfort needed when a little saddle sore. The size guide was accurate too.

  3. 9.5/10 for the road and 10/10 on the Spin bike

    Review by Katrina (Posted on March 25, 2019)

    I thought I would give you my thoughts on the VeloVixen padded pants. I road tested these on two separate occasions whilst out on my road bike a 31 mile ride and a 43 mile ride) and also twice whilst teaching Spinning®️ 2 x 45 minutes.

    I have rated them 9.5/10 for the road and 10/10 on the Spin bike...why?

    First thoughts: I liked the different colour options, I chose the pale blue with white stars. The elastic around the waist and the legs are not too thin that they cut into your flesh or too thick that they rub when legs are moving. They are just the right tension around the stomach and do not dig in when reaching over to the handle bars and the material is breathable and stretchy.

    The padding is spot on when it comes to padding over your sit bones. The width of padding across the widest part my bottom was spot on (and this is quite wide????). The width of the padding between the legs was good and did not cause any chaffing.

    The reason I deducted a half mark was that I could have done with a little extra length at the front, so the padding came up a little higher toward the pubic bone. I found that that there was a line of stitching which caused discomfort towards the end of my ride on my road bike. This particular ride was very windy and I was low down to cut down wind resistance and therefore there was more pressure at the front.

    I then tested them on my Spin bike and again they were brilliant. This time I did not have a problem with the stitching as I am in a more upright position on my Spin bike but ideally would have preferred a little extra length at the front.

  4. Freedom Pants!

    Review by CycloSisStar (Posted on March 06, 2019)

    I've just got these for my birthday. Yippeee! I can now cycle wearing all my exisiting favourite leggings and beyond :) They look super cute on and I love the design that feels less bulky at the front and discreet at the back.
    Thank you Velo Vixen

    VeloVixen Says: SOOO glad you like them! Here's to a whole brave new world...! x

  5. Very pleased with my purchase

    Review by cebky (Posted on February 10, 2019)

    I bought these because I'm cycling for 3 days just with panniers and thought they would be smaller and lighter than normal cycling shorts, which they are. I hadn't realised that they were available in size 18/2XL/XXL. I thought size 18 might be a bit small for me because other reviews said to buy a size larger than normal but in fact they fitted perfectly. Love the stars with teal as well, makes a nice change from black. Some washing instructions would have been useful, there are none on the knickers. Would be useful to at least have a sheet of paper enclosed with the knickers with washing instructions on but that's only a minor problem. Looking forward to using them for the first time when the weather gets warmer.

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