Polaris E-Motion 'Easy Zip' Bib Short

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Why to Buy: Flattering cut, high quality materials and an ingenious way to overcome those 'comfort break' issues - all at a bargain price!

'The first time I tried these shorts I... couldn’t believe the comfort! I felt as though I could have kept going all day. Grab yourself a pair and you won’t be disappointed' - Let's Go Ride A Bike

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  1. Still getting to know them... very candid observations for those who care.

    Review by bopeeponabike (Posted on April 15, 2015)

    When on, and everything is where you want it to be, these do what they say on the tin...but the "easy access" element is possibly a bit sketchy. Or my bum is too big. It is actually quite comical, trying to reverse into an action position with your knees pretty much attached to your chest. My phone was loose in a rear pocket and clonked me on the head.

    These are not for the "hope no one comes" moments. When I bought I hadn't appreciated that it wasn't a single zip that went all the way around and so would allow one shoulder to ping upward: there are two zips, one on each side and I'd like to modify the bibs by having a button on at least one of the sides to allow for a bit of freedom of movement.

    There are a couple of other comments - the bibs are cut extremely low on the front and I find feel more comfortable wearing a baselayer - baselayer also recommended to stop the slight scratch from the zips. Another zip tip is to make sure that the toggle is pushed flat to stop them unzipping themselves (same as modern jeans). The fabric is pretty thin and the chamois is minimal at the front too - just so you know...

    I think they are fine bibs for the price and solo rides where one can see the funny side of unintentional exposure, but I wouldn't buy them for the "convenience" as I don't find them that convenient.

    The fit was good - Velovixen's size guide worked for me.

    VeloVixen Says: Thanks so much for the comments, many of which are fair and constructive - bib shorts can take some getting used to, and the mechanism to make them simple to use in the end will inevitably take a bit of time to acclimatise to. We're confident you'll grow to love them! As to your other comments, bib shorts are often fairly low cut so as to avoid overheating as they generally leave the jersey to do the covering rather than duplicating unnecessarily. As to the thinness of the fabric, our testers have found them to be pretty standard relative to other bib shorts, but it may depend on which you've been used to previously. We really appreciate your comments!

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