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Hoo Ha Ride Glide Chamois Cream

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Why to buy: A Women's specific chamois cream to reduce friction and give a soothing relief to those 'sensitive' areas particular to us!

8 fl oz/ (236.6ml)

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  1. Hooray for Hoo Ha

    Review by Katie Bun (Posted on February 14, 2019)

    My boyfriend bought me this cause I suffered a lot with chaffing followed by cysts. Not nice!!! But since using this I’ve never had a problem and by spreading the word, all my friends are now using it too. It’s a lovely texture, smells good and quite thick so it lasts quite a while. But of course a girls gotta pee ???? so it does wear off????????‍♀️ (I’d expect that). A smaller tube would be good for on the go. But anyhoo I highly recommend buying this for your Hoo Ha.

  2. Good quality product.

    Review by Marshmallows (Posted on September 09, 2018)

    It felt super silky smooth on application, and feels like a good quality product. The first 2 hours were great, however I felt like I needed to re-apply after this. The bottle was very large so it couldn’t be taken with me on a ride. I may purchase some smaller pouches for longer rides. All round-pleased with the product, so is my hoo-ha. ????

  3. It's great!

    Review by ValleyVelo (Posted on August 28, 2017)

    I bought this based on the reviews, and haven't regretted my decision. I'd previously ridden "coast to coast" and forgotten to take any lube with me, so wasn't going to make that mistake on a long charity bike ride. This product really does do what it says on the tube! It gives a mild (not unpleasant) tingle when applied and I didn't have any chaffing or sore bits after 70+ miles.
    The only downside is that the tube is very large, so not suitable to be carried in your pocket. That's ok for shorter rides where you only need one application, or for supported rides when your crew can carry it for you. Please start to stock the small pocket sized sachets (available from US websites). I promise we will all buy them!

  4. Fantastic product

    Review by Nicky (Posted on July 26, 2017)

    Already love it! 5 hour bike ride ! Zero chafing.
    Really good product. Highly recommended.

  5. Still learning about Chamois Cream!

    Review by Ange (Posted on May 02, 2017)

    As a relatively new road cyclist who is now starting to do longer rides, I realised that I needed chamois cream. I was using pure coconut oil but found that I was still getting some chafing in 'delicate areas' so needed something else. Hoo Ha Ride glide is one of the first 'proper' chamois creams that I have bought and is quite a thick, soft cream which is easy to apply (smells lovely!). The cream does include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint so you do feel the 'cooling' effect that people talk about but this does wear off. It comes in an 8 fl.oz/236ml tube which is a lot easier to manage than the tubs that a lot of the chamois creams come in. It isn't cheap but I found that I didn't have any chafing and as much soreness after a 25 mile ride. I'm still learning just how much cream to apply and it could be that I need to be a bit more generous.

    VeloVixen Says: Great to hear it's making a difference, Angela! We find erring on the side of more generous rather than less pays dividends (not just saying that because we want to sell you more, promise!) but it should still last for a good few dozen applications. Thanks for the review! x

  6. It doesn't cause a rash

    Review by JoAnn (Posted on October 14, 2016)

    I used Assos cream b4 and I noticed that it causes red rash in my groins. Hoo Ha is so much better. I have no probs since. I ride long distance (100 mile +) with over 2.500 m of climbing every weekend or i do adventure touring. The cream needs to be reapplied 2-3 times during a long ride so I always have got a small plastic box of it on me... highly recommend this product

  7. Didn't work for me. :-(

    Review by JapanRider (Posted on October 19, 2015)

    I recently spent 8 days in Japan, riding on average 80k a day. I was really hopeful that this product would assist in keeping my delicate bits from chafing and soreness, but I found it far too thin and it didn't last more than a couple of hours at most. Another lady had a thicker chamois cream that I tried and I found it much more effective and long-lasting than this one. I was very disappointed as I loved the packaging, branding and concept but it just wasn't tough enough for me. I do appear to be in the minority on this though so it may just be horses for courses and might work for you.

    VeloVixen Says: sorry it didn't quite have the longevity you were looking for. As you say, it seems to work well for many people and the prevailing approach appears to be reapplying every 2-3 hours, but there are goo-ier creams out there that may last for a little longer, but we tend to find they're a little too viscous.

  8. Excellent produce - I wouldn't use anything else

    Review by Twowheels (Posted on September 17, 2015)

    Having just returned from 2015 Ride Across Britain in 9 days, I can say that without my 'Hoo Ha' I would have expected to have been in pain, as was non Hoo Ha riders!
    Lovely scent and a lovely soothing feel upon application. I regularly applied the cream at pit stops, and came away from 969 miles without chaffing - doesnt that speak for itself - use it!!

  9. Transformational!!

    Review by Acrossthehall (Posted on August 15, 2015)

    I'd been having a few discomfort issues recently especially after long days in cycle gear and read an article by the Velo Vixen team about this stuff. I can honestly say this stuff has changed my life for the better.

    Super smooth, cooling & does everything it claims to.

    Unbelievably good. I've been thinking of using chamois cream for w while and never got round to it. I love the fact that this is female specific. If you've been thinking of trying a chamois cream get some of this now!

  10. Lady parts need lady cream!

    Review by Em (Posted on July 25, 2015)

    This stuff changed my cycling life! I don't think I would have made it through my last cycle tour without it and I have been recommending it fiends for years but having to direct them to American websites. Veol Vixen is the first UK site I've seen to stock it and at a very good price.
    Unlike men's creams it doesn't have that sting that feels like you have just applied tooth paste to your lady parts. It is much more gentle. It reduces friction, cools, soothes, brings down swelling and generally reduces that John Wayne look the day after a ride
    Even you only casually ride on weekends ladies GET SOME, your 'hoo ha' will thank you!

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