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Urbanist Padded Cycling Knickers - Leopard

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Why to Buy: The Holy Grail! - stunning undies for medium/longer daily rides, with exceptional quality built-in Italian chamois padding (and that leopard attitude!)

"There's a lot to be said for comfort, which is why I was happy to spend £45 for the Brigitte" - Ride Velo

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  1. Perfect for long-haul cycle touring!

    Review by Essie (Posted on April 17, 2019)

    I purchased my first pair of Urbanist Cycling Knickers a year ago, before setting off on my first long-haul cycle tour. They are amazing. The protected me where I needed it the most - and I was cycling the Wakhan Corridor and Pamir Highway in Tajikistan - so padding was of the utmost importance! They're also perfect if you're cycling in locations where you don't want to be seen in typical cycling shorts and prefer a bit more modesty, e.g. long trousers. They sit under outer clothes much more comfortably than longer cycling shorts do. Five stars!

  2. That's the commute sorted!

    Review by JennyVelo (Posted on October 18, 2016)

    When I've got over the rain and how heavy my panniers feel and I've sorted getting home early to get the car so I can collect the kids. When I've found a way to protect my clean work clothes from the danger of my lunch getting on them and I've decanted the essentials from my handbag into the smaller bag to put in my pannier. When I've retrieved my helmet, gloves and lock and remembered where my shed key is - I just want to get on my bike and ride to work. Finally I can do just that without having to get undressed and re-dressed into 'proper' cycling gear. I have found some really good stretchy, shower resistant walking trousers and with these padded undies underneath I can pass as 'normal' as well as cyclist. Super comfy, honest sizing and built for human women with bottoms and thighs! Another bonus is that with these bad boys on every pair of leggings are potential riding gear. One very happy customer! :-)

  3. Practically perfect

    Review by Mary Poppins (Posted on October 25, 2015)

    I'm new to cycling and was shocked by the impact on the nether regions of even a gentle ride. The Urbanist padded knickers are the answer. I'm now the owner of 4 pairs, true to size, comfy and protective (my secret, and its maybe not for everyone, for longish rides I wear them WITH padded leggings!) And the big plus is - they look such fun!

    VeloVixen Says: Mary P - what a fantastic review, we're delighted they're looking after you so well! Bet Bert the Chimney Sweep likes them too... x

3 Item(s)

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