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The Santini Volo Headband is an elastic cotton sweatband designed riding on the warm days, or indoors for those sweaty sessions on the spin bike of turbo trainer. Made from a deliberately durable fabric, Santini reckon it will continue performing through up to 100 washes.

It goes under a helmet or looks good enough to wear on its own when you stop for coffee. Available in a variety of colours to match any kit collection, but especially the rest of the Santini Tono range.

Size Guide

One size fits all

Tech Spec

  • Elasticated sweat band
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Temperature range +15 to +35c

Who's Behind It?

All Santini products are designed and made in-house. Even the materials are made in Italy - because history and tradition are important.

Santini are a brand we’ve known for a long time. Italian to the core, we’d always been impressed by their attention to detail and quality of finish, but it was only in 2017 that we really started falling for their designs. And once we’d fallen, there was no looking back!

Pietro Santini founded Santini in 1965 after taking over a knitwear factory from his sisters. At first, Santini was an artisan factory making clothes for others. But, fuelled by his deep passion for cycling and racing, Pietro made the choice to design and manufacture Santini products exclusively in Italy.

They now manufacture more than 3000 items every day, and export about 75% of that production to other countries. But, as they explain, it’s not just numbers that motivate the team at Santini. It’s the passion for cycling that makes them so proud every time one of their supported athletes wins. And that trickles down to each one of their products.

Every piece of kit they make is developed from scratch by Santini's in-house team of dedicated designers. All of them have a deep-rooted passion for cycling, triathlon, and running and - because every aspect of design is crucial - they invest a disproportionate amount of time and money in materials research and development.

That ensures that specific user and riding conditions are the focus at Santini, which in turn guarantees that they make only the top quality products, and enables them to develop innovative products quickly and efficiently, in-house, in Italy.

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