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Sealskinz All Weather Gloves (Black/Blue)

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Why to buy:  These cycling gloves will see you through a multitude of conditions - totally waterproof, windproof and breathable.  Why put up with the cold, when you can reap the benefits of warmer, comfier hands?!

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A pair of women's specific fit cycling gloves for your delicate cycling paws.  No matter the time of year, a good ol' pair of cycling gloves are always a handy thing to carry in your pocket.  There's nothing better really than happier hands on a ride, especially when faced with brisk decents, morning frosts and all-weather cycling trips.

The Sealskinz All Weather Gloves are fully waterproof and windproof, yet still breathable (so it's not like a sauna in there).  Your hands will stay dry in wet weather and sit warm and snug in the cold.  Its soft and durable AX Suede Quattro palm has foam pressure point padding for increased grip and comfort, so hands dont take the hit of hard, bumpy ground.  Plus, with its anti-slip technology, the inner lining won't cause a fuss by moving around, meaning hands are less likely to pull out unwillingly.

Extended cuffs to eliminate horrid drafts whilst riding, soft touch velcro closure to keep the gloves fastened and a PU wiper on thumb to wipe away sweat and snot (sounds gross, but you will do it).  

... You can even use a touchscreen device without taking your gloves off - minus the faff and freeze!

Size Guide

SMALL ~ 6"


LARGE ~ 8"

X-LARGE ~ 9"

To acheive the best fit... 

  • Measure around your knuckles with a measuring tape. Be sure to measure the hand you write with (right if you're right handed, left if you're left handed)
  • The size that you measure in inches is your glove size.
  • Remember ~ if the gloves are too tight on your hands they may make your hands feel cold. If in doubt, size up.

Tech Spec

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Close-fitting to ensure comfort and movement
  • Anti-slip lining integrated into the glove, giving comfortable fit and less pull-out than previous models 
  • Ergonomically shaped palms and fingertips
  • Dotted material on palms and fingertips retains grip in the wet
  • Pressure point comfort-enhancing gel pads
  • Extra long cuff with Velcro fastening
  • Index finger feature for smart phone use
  • PU suede nose drip wiper
  • 12 months manufacturer's guarantee (see packaging for details)
  • THERMAL RATING/ CLIMATE GUIDE: 3 ~ the perfect balance of warmth and breathability
  • 12 month manufacturers guarantee (see packaging for details)

Who's Behind It?

Think technically brilliant kit has to be produced on the other side of the world? Think again. Sealskinz are deeply proud of their British heritage: more than half of their products are made in Britain by hand, and everything they make is designed in the UK. And Sealskinz' cycling range is exceptional.

Sealskinz describe themselves as 'a collection of talents bound by a single obsession'. In the world of waterproofs, they've become something of a household name, but somehow retain an enviably underground niche. How? Maybe their uncompromising approach to quality: every product they make is tested. Individually. Every. Single. Piece.

Their standards continue to rise, helped by constant feedback from their hand-selected network of elite adventurers and military experts who test Sealskinz products in the harshest climates. All of this, and they're a really nice bunch who are a pleasure to deal with. That'll do for us.

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