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  • VeloVixen Padded Cycling Knickers - Black Stars
    Padded cycling pants
    £42.00 £21.00
  • VeloVixen Bodyline Long Sleeve Jersey - Skyscape
    VeloVixen Bodyline Long Sleeve Women's Cycling Jersey - Skyscape
    £89.00 £44.00
  • VeloVixen Gloves - Zingy Untamed
    VeloVixen Gloves - Zingy Untamed
    £25.00 £12.50
  • VeloVixen Bandido - Aurora
    VeloVixen Bandido - Aurora
    £12.00 £5.00

The Story Behind VeloVixen

The Story Behind VeloVixen

When our founders, Liz and Phil, set off on a bike ride in 2010, barely 6 months after they had met, little did they know where it would take them. In any sense.

They spent a year riding over 10,000km through the Americas, an adventure that would change their lives forever.

At the end, in Argentina, they got engaged. In 2012, they launched VeloVixen - inspired equally by a reaffirmed love of cycling and by the problems Liz encountered finding great clothing for the trip. Today, their two cycling-mad young daughters are living testament of the power of cycling!

This picture shows them mid-adventure, on the Salar de Uyuni, 4000m up in the Bolivian Andes. As it turned out the VeloVixen journey has only just begun...

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