Anna's Legs is a premium brand of women's padded cycling leggings, designed exclusively for VeloVixen by Anna Glowinski.

The focus of the collection is legs, the tools that enable us to pedal our bikes and take us as far or as fast as we want to go. Anna has been designing cycle clothing for nearly a decade and her experience as a cyclist goes into every stitch.

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5 Reasons to Wear Anna's Legs

What makes Anna's Legs different to other cycling legwear?

Video: Designed in Croyden, inspired by the mountains. Designer and lifelong lover of cycling, Anna Glowinski shares why her latest collection of 3/4 length leggings are the best choice for this season's cycling adventures.

Padded for comfort

Each pair of Anna's Legs feature an ergonomic, female-specific chamois pad. A women's pad means better support for our wider sit bones and added length to protect those sensitive "frontal" areas. The pad is designed to worn against the skin, so go commando to reap all its benefits.

Anti-Muffin Top

A signature detail from designer Anna Glowinski is her unique "anti-muffin top" waistband. It is designed to eliminate that digging in feeling often caused by other non-bib shorts and tights. The waistband is super-soft and incredibly stretchy, giving you that much deserved comfort and confidence on your bike.

Reflective Details

NEW FOR 2019: In addition to the usual reflective detailing, Anna's unique hand-etched reflective hearts on the Charcoal Hearts leggings will ensure you catch the eye in every sense. This twinkly feature has been designed for extra visibility on darker rides. Go forth and shine!

Strong & Durable

Anna's Legs are more than just a pretty pair of leggings, they have been made to last using XtraLife Lycra & Carvico Igloo performance fabric. Ride in them again and again.

Extra High Waistband

If you're choosing to wear bib tights purely for the benefit of that extra warmth around your back, you're going to be amazed by Anna's Legs extra high waistband. It will keep those pesky draughts out AND give you an extra safe place to keep your valuables, thanks to its secret zipped pocket. No bibs also means no more faff when it comes to toilet breaks mid-ride!

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