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Svelte Pink Floral Cycling Cap


Why to buy: A flattering floral statement for your head. Made from a soft windproof fabric, your head will feel snug under a cycling helmet and eyes protected.

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This cap will not only add flowery notes to the look you're going for, but also offer a great amount of help to your ride too.

Made from a windproof fabric, the Svelte Cycling Cap will work its hardest to keep the chill off your head - most useful on the decent, wind has a tendency to rush through our helmets. Brrr. The antibacterial trim absorbs moisture, keeping eyes sting-free from sweat drips and also resists irritation too, so you don't spend half the ride itching away at your forehead.

These caps are LIMITED EDITION. We recommend taking action if you have your heart set on one... They won't hang around forever!

Size Guide

Svelte cycling caps are ONE SIZE fits all. The elasticated back ensures most head sizes are catered for.

Tech Spec

  • Windproof fabric
  • Soft material
  • Antibacterial headband
  • One size fits all
  • Packable
  • Brand logo
  • Made in Italy

Who's Behind It?

Svelte was born and bred in London, where founder Tom Barber and the team are still based. As a young project, they've ensured from Day 1 that they draw on the UK's rich cycling heritage, whilst infusing it with a distinctly 21st century twist. Their aim is to 'forge the connection between the rider and the bike itself'. Their designs 'subtly, yet exquisitely, convey the beautiful unity of cycling, elegance and lifestyle'.

These are big aims, but from the outset it's hard to argue that they are indeed creating an 'elegantly versatile connection between the bicycle and the clothing that rides it'. They  appeal equally to hardened road cyclists looking for something distinctive and authentic just as much weekend potterers looking for the same. Their attention to detail belies their relative recent launch. And their insistence on getting the fit just right is exceptional.

And on top of all that, they source their materials ethically and manufacture whenever possible in London.

So, a small, authentic, passionate company producing gear that looks great both on and off the bike, and performs equally well. It wasn't a hard decision for us to make friends with Svelte!

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