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Urbanist Padded Cycling Knickers - Brigitte (Striped)


Why to buy:Stunning Women's cycling knickers for medium/longer daily rides.

"Better for a 15+ mile ride or even worn under a skirt; the striped pair having the feel of a Victorian bathing suit about them" - Ride Velo.

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Ever dreamt of a comfortable ride around town without having to resort to full-on cycling shorts? Something you can wear all day and feel feminine in, but still helps cushion your most sensitive parts as you ride?

Urbanist Cycling's Brigitte chamois-padded knickers are the answer to your prayers. Beautifully cut to fit and enhance the female form, they've been tested tirelessly by the Texas cycling community where Urbanist is based to ensure no chaffing or digging in. The Knicker material is sumptuous, whilst the chamois pads come from one of Italy's most respected chamois designers.

The Urbanist Brigitte is well suited for medium/longer rides of up to 25 miles, or even longer. A quantum leap forward for women's cycling kit.

*Check out the video with the lovely Anna's Legs designer for some friendly advise on 'How to ride in complete comfort'

It's strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath padded cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

Size Guide


UK Size

(we find in practice that the sizes work out as)

Waist Hips
Small 10 25-27" / 63.5-68.5cm  35.5-37.5" / 90-95cm
Medium 12 28-29" / 71-74.5cm 38.5-39.5" / 98-100cm
Large 14 30-32" / 76-81cm 40.5-42.5" / 104-108cm
X-Large 16 33-35" / 84-89cm 42.5-45.5" / 113-116cm


How to Measure?

Waist: Bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your torso. This is your natural waist. Run a measuring tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallel with floor and one finger between your body and tape for a more comfortable fit.

Hip: Stand on a level surface with your feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom (approximately 7-9in/18-23cm below waistline), keeping the tape parallel with the floor.

Tech Spec

  • Polyester/elastane blend
  • Full coverage cycling knickers
  • Extra thick padded chamois & flexible chamois pad designed and made in Italy
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying - to wick moisture efficiently
  • Tested by real women to ensure no chaffing or digging in discomfort
  • Wear under clothes - for outdoor riding or spinning
  • Suited for medium/longer rides of up to 25 miles, or even longer.

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

*Check out the video with the lovely Anna's Legs designer for some friendly advise on 'How to ride in complete comfort'

Who's Behind It?

Urbanist Cycling are a small design outfit based in Austen, Texas - a true hub of US cycling. Their 'lightbulb moment' was to decide to create beautiful underwear that could be used practically and flatteringly for riding a bike.

In their words: 'We aspire to create products that enable people to live in the city and commute on their bikes. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice style, convenience or comfort to do so'. Hear hear, we say.

Others agreed. Their KickStarter fund raising programme earned them 250% of their target sum and they were off, with real inspiration and passion to produce an ever growing range. We have high hopes for them. True creative pioneers for women's cycling.

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26 customer reviews

  1. Ignore the doubters, buy some!!

    Review by Janey P

    I've been using my Brigittes for a few weeks now and wouldn't want people to be put off by the last couple of reviews who've struggled with them. Granted, everyone's a different shape so there's bound to be the odd situation where they don't work but, like loads of earlier reviewers, I now swear by them and can't recommend them highly enough.

    They're super comfortable, well finished and look great. I've used them for touring (further distances than I ever expected, thanks to their great chamois pad) and now for my regular commute of 7 miles or so. Give them a go! I now understand how they've been so popular with VeloVixen!

    VeloVixen Says: great to hear, Janey - keep up the good work! x

  2. DO not buy this underwear if you are looking for comfort.

    Review by Barbar

    I have been a cyclist for 30 plus years with experience of both long and short cycling tours. I bought two pairs of this underwear seduced by the attractiveness of design. They do look lovely on with such a flattering fit. They are however not fit for purpose unless you intend riding very very short journeys. Never have I endured so much discomfort and pain as on our latest trip. I feel I have wasted money so back to the ugly chamois black lycra underpants for me.The second pair remain unused if I could get a refund I would like to return them.

    Velo Vixen says:
    I am sorry to hear that you have had an issue with our padded pants. This item remains one of our best sellers with very few returns. As you well know, padded pants are a very personal choice and vary depending upon what type of riding and saddle you also have on your bike.

  3. Not designed for women

    Review by Christina

    I bought these because of the specific design for women, but they are not comfortable at all. The pad is much too narrow in front, which means the very sensitive parts wrap around the rough edge of the pad and get a massive rub inside while riding. The surface of the pad is like sandpaper and does the rest of the damage (sorry, I do not know how to describe this in a better way, but want to help other costumers understand the problem). Compared even to my very cheep ALDI cycling shorts they are a lot worse, but a lot more expensive.Never had a problem like that before. I do not know which female anatomy was used to design these, but I seem to have a totally different anatomy. I will stick to my standard bike shorts and skorts and will have to carry on walking in to work in them. A shame and a waste of money.

    VeloVixen Says: Christina - many thanks for your review, and sorry you haven't found they've worked for you. It does sound as though you are one of a very small minority who don't get on with them, which is sadly unavoidable with any cycling bottom half, because everybody (and every body) is shaped differently.

    For what it's worth - and not to belittle your experience - they remain our single most popular product, with frequent repurchases from happy customers who've found the pad works for much longer than they expected. We are fully confident that with such a good quality pad, materials and finish, they represent great value for money - especially when compared with average priced specialist cycling shorts.

  4. Welcome addition to my road biking gear.

    Review by Nenuphar

    I am 70 years old and have a lot of discomfort on longer rides (60k) so I wear the Brigitte and then add another pair of padded bike shorts over the top. The chamois and the pants themselves do not scrunch up and the pad works well with chamois cream.I am a Size 10 so I bought the small size which is quite roomy but nevertheless well enough cut that it sits well at the waist. I shall be buying another pair when I can afford it.

  5. Size up

    Review by Amy

    I am normally a size 10/medium in bottoms but after reading reviews of these running a little small I bought the large. They're not quite as comfortable as my normal cycling shorts - the padding isn't quite as thick and being underwear shaped they cut in the top of your thighs a little bit in a way that liner shorts do not. I wore them for a 1 hr cycle and they were pretty good but I would wear proper cycling shorts for rides longer than that. These are great for shorter rides when you are wearing normal clothes as they are easy to wear under jeans, gym tights etc without having a visible padded butt effect.

    VeloVixen says: Thank you for your review. If customer are ever unsure about sizing on items then please call our team of experienced female cyclists who can provide you with guidance and advice on the best size for you.

  6. Comfortable even on long rides

    Review by Rachel

    I only started cycling longer distances recently and these were my first foray into specialist clothing. I wore a pair each day under regular (i.e. non padded) leggings to cycle from London to Paris over 4 days and they did the trick! Longest day was over 100 miles and I was still pretty comfortable in the saddle at the end of the session.

    So much nicer looking than the bibs and tights and can wear them on shorter commuting journeys too! Chuffed I invested in them.

  7. Uncomfortable

    Review by Chloe

    Bought these based on the other reviews. I've found the padding in these almost as hard as a saddle so they don't offer any comfort. I cycle daily.

    VeloVixen Says: So sorry to hear these didn't work for you, Chloe. As you hint, they are our most popular product bar none, and we get almost used to the regular positive comments we get. However, we will mention this to Urbanist as they should be aware of this and we don't want you to be unhappy.

  8. Check they are not too tight around the top of your legs before you set off riding.

    Review by Kitty

    I was excited to see discreet padded underwear for cycling so ordered a twin pack of the size Large. I'm 5'8" and a UK size 12 and found that whilst the waist and hips fitted perfectly the leg holes actually turned out to be way too small - as I don't have large thighs I didn't notice this when trying them on. After riding for just 10 miles my legs were so sore and painful with the tight elastic cutting into me that I had to return home. The elastic had actually cut into the skin and I was unable to ride again until the sores had healed over. Obviously the pair I had worn could not be returned, but VeloVixen were good enough to refund the unworn pair. Disappointed and annoyed to have wasted so much money and to have lost almost a week of cycling.

    VeloVixen Says: really sorry to hear they didn't work for you - we heard from Urbanist last week that there was one small batch that suffered from leg openings that were marginally narrower than usual - not dramatically, but enough to make a difference for some people. Inevitably, everyone is shaped differently, so plenty of customers found they still worked well, but either way the batch is now finished and they have adjusted back to the normal sizing.

  9. Looks good, but quality so-so

    Review by Lexi

    I love the look and feel of these knickers and they have done me well on rides up to 35km. However, I agree with what someone else said in the reviews that the quality of the construction isn't great.
    On my pair, there was a bit where in sewing the chamois to the knickers, they'd caught the edge, resulting in a folded-back bump, rather than a smooth surface (potentially very uncomfortable!). Some of the seams are also sewn down in different directions at each end, rather than the same, so they don't lie flat and can rub. They're small details, which maybe I only notice because I sew, but they are very expensive and I would expect more care to be taken, especially in a piece of technical clothing!

    VeloVixen Says: Lexi - sorry to hear the quality wasn't all you were expecting. We've certainly been pleasantly surprised by how our customers have generally loved the Urbanist combination of quality, practicality and design. In fact, we have yet to receive a pair back on technical grounds (but that's not to say the discerning eye won't spot the odd flaw). One of the attractions to us is actually the modest price - you need to look at them alongside cycling shorts prices, which can easily be twice what these cost, given that the chamois is a high quality Italian make. Also important to remember that they are designed ostensibly for shorter rides - we're delighted by the number of customers who've used them on longer rides, but in theory 15-25 miles is what they are designed for. Hope that doesn't all sound too defensive - we really appreciate your thoughts! x

  10. Good product

    Review by Leen

    Bought size S and it fits perfectly. Stitching is good. Padding is comfy as well. Great product!

  11. So worth it!

    Review by Cycling Sarah

    I am typically pear shaped so my cycling shorts, although comfy, don't look good when I get off my bike! The knickers are great, fit easily under walking trousers, cropped denims and I think will be great in the winter under my waterproof trousers. Were great for a long cycle to the pub at the weekend, and for my commute to work too. Everyone has seen my knickers (not on I hasten to add)...... I am a 10/12 and medium are perfect.

  12. Pricey pants but worth it?

    Review by Leila

    Most expensive pair of pants I own but worth it. Good padding and comfy.

  13. Sizing small

    Review by CK

    Sizing is definitely too small - I'm usually a medium/12. Ordered accordingly given the advice above but Large would have been much better for me. Also the stitching is already loose in places; For the price I would expect the product to be made in Italy - suspect stitching wouldn't have been an issue if this was the case. Plus sides: fast delivery, chamois feels nice - better quality than most others I've seen. Overall: bit disappointed with purchase. I would give it a thumbs up for style if there was more than one pattern/colour available. Hope to see the range expand in future and for this to manufactured in EU.

    VeloVixen says: thanks for the review. Overall we've had a very low level of returns due to sizing and only one so far due to stitching out of several hundred pairs sold, so we are happy about Urbanist's choice of manufacturer up to now. As you'll no doubt be aware, not all Chinese manufacturers are alike and they have deliberately picked a top quality one. Equally, 'made in Italy' does not equate automatically to good quality. As to the price, we maintain that this is one of the outstanding features of the product - for good quality Italian chamois, very few cycling shorts would come into this price bracket. Re. pattern/colour, more coming later next month...

  14. Excellent

    Review by Kathcoop

    Comfortable, stylish, perfect

  15. Fabulous, best thing ever

    Review by Gina

    Bought myself a pair last year after reading reviews. Ordered small ,but stitching very tight around legs . Fitted very well apart from that so just unpicked a bit of stitching. Have done lots of over 50 mile rides in absolute comfort best purchase ever. Loved them so much I bought a pair for a friend ready, now for our big Paris ride. Would highly recommend them ,but go 1 size bigger. (They wash really well too)

    VeloVixen Says: so pleased they've been such a hit! We've been amazed by how many people have successfully used them for much longer rides than the 15 miles or so that they're billed as being best for. That's the benefit of a top quality Italian chamois pad...

  16. Stylish, neat and comfortable

    Review by Suzy

    Wore them for the first time on a 40 mile cycle on a hot day over some light shorts. Noticed when l stopped that they felt very warm in the padded area but my legs were cool without the Lycra, and they were comfortable to wear. Don't feel as padded as my usual trousers but seem to work well. While they are fab, I think they would be even more comfortable if the padding could be shaped in a bit between the legs- though guessing as said previously that they need to cater for a range of shapes and sizes.

    Ordered a small which would be my usual size, but needed the medium as they come up tight on the leg (even the medium).

  17. Very Good

    Review by Jen

    I brought after reading good reviews. When they arrived and I pulled them out the box I new that they were going to do the job To day wore for the first time and wasn't disappointed.

    Only complaint is delivery options because you go over certain amount of money when you purchased these delivery is free but because it is sent out second-class you end up waiting a few days I would rather pay for first class delivery and know when they will come

  18. I love them!

    Review by Nicky

    Fab looking padded pants that don't make me feel like I'm wearing a nappy! Rode 50 miles in them on Sunday with no problems. Probably not as padded as normal padded leggings, but look and feel so much better. Great service too - thank you!

    VeloVixen Says: great news, Nicky - thanks so much for the comments! Urbanist themselves will be delighted to hear about another successful 50+ mile ride...

  19. Looking good, still have to test

    Review by Clauwtje

    Super fast delivery to holland, so that's already a plus, looking nice, washing went good, now it's time for some nice weather and a test ride! Pad still feels pretty thick but I'm not used to any padded pants, so have to wait and see!

    VeloVixen Says: great to hear they're getting good marks so far - we just hope they perform as well! x

  20. Good quality but small

    Review by CC100

    Nice looking and good quality pair of underwear that are suitable for longer rides, but are on the small side. I got an M thinking it was about a UK 12 - but they're more like a 10.

    VeloVixen Says: thanks so much for reviewing them. We're really pleased you found them useful for longer rides too, as increasingly people are using them for touring and cycling holidays as well as just getting around town. For what it's worth, what you found with the sizing may borderline - we have had an unusually low number of returns with the sizing guide as it is, but everyone is differently proportioned of course!

  21. Good for short/medium rides

    Review by Fi

    These are a fun and useful pair of padded knickers to wear underneath other clothing. The padding is just right (not too big or small) for shorter to medium rides but possibly not for harder/longer ones. My only criticism is that I am pretty sure it gives me a little VPL but I suppose I shouldn't be vain! My husband also says he can see the chevron stripes through my slightly thinner cycling leggings!

  22. Work well under normal shorts

    Review by AlisonP

    I wore these recently on a very hot cycling holiday. I rode about 30 miles one day and just wore them under regular cotton shorts on a day visiting temples where lycra really wouldn't have been appropriate. They worked well and also washed well. Good buy :)

    VeloVixen Says: Great to hear - delighted they contributed to your holiday! x

  23. Retro funky comfortable

    Review by Pip

    Look good, well made - comfy for a short ride of 18 miles, tendency to cut and chaff on longer rides.
    I found them great when i just wanted to wear a normal pair of capris or running pants, rather than putting a bib on or cycling shorts.
    Pad is comfy - not a huge amount of bulk - unfortunately i don't look like the model in the photo when wearing them.
    Also ordered the wrong size and the lovely folk at velo vixen sorted my order out immediately - also beautifully packaged.

    VeloVixen Says: Thanks for the review, Pip, and it's good to hear they're working well for you. Interesting that you found that they struggled more on longer rides - we hear primarily positive things about them remaining comfortable for a surprisingly long distance (such as the woman who told us at the London Bike Show that hers had done her proud on a 100 mile ride), but clearly everyone is a different shape and size, and their primary aim is to keep you comfortable on rides of 10-15 miles. A few more rides and we're confident you'll end up like the photo...

  24. Cute and comfortable

    Review by Emma

    Just recieved these. They look very cute, are very comfortable. Only tried them on for a little bit while riding, but they seem great so far! will check out how they fare for a fully day soon. Very happy with my purchase! :)

  25. Great innovative undies!

    Review by Helz

    This really solved a problem for me of pretty cycling underwear, over which I could wear my own clothes and still be comfy all day. Really makes a difference, particularly when out for a few hours and even better, no soreness the next day. They don't make your bum look big or silly either, if anything they are quite supportive shall we say. My only complaint would be that due to the cut off the pants, they sit right in the crease of the groin. No issues so far thanks to a barrier cream, but there is potential for chafe there.

    Thanks also to Velovixen for the delivery service, complete with free bag and samples, top service!

    VeloVixen reply: Thanks so much for the positive feedback. We take your point about the crease, but have heard plenty of people mention that they've taken them on 50-100 mile rides without any issues, so hopefully they won't cause too many problems as the mileage increases...! x

  26. Good looking, and comfy

    Review by TinaCyclist

    I picked up a pair at the London Bike show. Worn them once for a whole day of cycle training. Periods of cycling and plenty of standing around. Comfy, good on the bike but not too much like a san pad when walking either. Will be trying on some more extended riding soon - but I dont forsee any issues.

    So much so that I got two more pairs!

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