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Urbanist Padded Cycling Knickers - Purple Flower


Why to Buy: The Holy Grail! - stunning undies for medium/longer daily rides, with exceptional quality built-in Italian chamois padding and subtly pretty patterning.

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Ever dreamt of a comfortable ride around town without having to resort to full-on cycling shorts? Something you can wear all day and feel feminine in, but still helps cushion your most sensitive parts as you ride?

Urbanist Cycling's Purple Flower chamois-padded knickers are the answer to your prayers. Beautifully cut to fit and enhance the female form, they've been tested tirelessly by the Texas cycling community where Urbanist is based to ensure no chaffing or digging in. The material is sumptuous, whilst the chamois pads come from one of Italy's most respected chamois designers.

Urbanist's Purple Flower padded cycling pants are well suited for medium/longer rides of up to 25 miles, or even longer. A quantum leap forward for women's cycling kit.

*Check out the video with the lovely Anna's Legs designer for some friendly advise on 'How to ride in complete comfort'

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

Size Guide


UK Size

(we find in practice that the sizes work out as)

Waist Hips
Small 10 25-27" / 63.5-68.5cm  35.5-37.5" / 90-95cm
Medium 12 28-29" / 71-74.5cm 38.5-39.5" / 98-100cm
Large 14 30-32" / 76-81cm 40.5-42.5" / 104-108cm
X-Large 16 33-35" / 84-89cm 42.5-45.5" / 113-116cm


How to Measure?

Waist: Bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your torso. This is your natural waist. Run a measuring tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallel with floor and one finger between your body and tape for a more comfortable fit.

Hip: Stand on a level surface with your feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom (approximately 7-9in/18-23cm below waistline), keeping the tape parallel with the floor.

Tech Spec

  • Polyester/ elastane blend
  • Full coverage cycling knickers
  • Extra thick & flexible chamois pad designed and made in Italy
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying - to wick moisture efficiently
  • Tested by real women to ensure no chaffing or digging in discomfort
  • Wear under clothes - for outdoor riding or spinning
  • Boy short pantie
  • Suited for medium/longer rides of up to 25 miles, or even longer

*Check out the video with the lovely Anna's Legs designer for some friendly advise on 'How to ride in complete comfort'

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

Who's Behind It?

Urbanist Cycling are a small design outfit based in Austen, Texas - a true hub of US cycling. Their 'lightbulb moment' was to decide to create beautiful underwear that could be used practically and flatteringly for riding a bike.

In their words: 'We aspire to create products that enable people to live in the city and commute on their bikes. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice style, convenience or comfort to do so'. Hear hear, we say.

Others agreed. Their KickStarter fund raising programme earned them 250% of their target sum and they were off, with real inspiration and passion to produce an ever growing range. We have high hopes for them. True creative pioneers for women's cycling.

9 customer reviews

  1. Pad too short

    Review by Piglet

    I guess it depends how you sit on you bike - I roll forwards onto my pubic bone and the pad came nowhere near the right area and did not cover the flappy bits of skin at all. Friends tell me their delicate area is the seat bones - these would have provided cushioning in that area. The pants were a lovely fabric and beautifully made, though I would also have liked a little extra length in the 'leg' to stop riding up. I would like to see chamois lengths on the product spec to avoid this. Disappointed to have to return them as they had a lovely feel.

    VeloVixen Says: sorry they didn't work for you - as you suggest, everyone is shaped differently and sits differently on a bike, so unfortunately there's no one shape/size fits all, but apologies for your frustrations. x

  2. Great product

    Review by Karen A

    Have seen this brand on Facebook, but was wary of ordering them. Finally saw them at the bike show and liked the look of them. I have now used them for a couple of 22 mile bike rides and found them remarkably comfortable. The pad fits me well. The material is very soft and comfortable and the legs don’t ride up too much, and they certainly don’t rub my legs. I have been very pleased with their performance.
    I’m an average size 12, and the medium fits well. Not tight at all. They are well made with light, soft and comfortable fabric.
    They are expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I’m looking forward to trying them out on longer rides. We do a lot of cycling holidays and these will be so much lighter and smaller to take away, rather than my normal Lycra. I guess they’ll dry more quickly too.
    All in all I’m delighted with my purchase and would definitely recommend them.

  3. Pad Needs To Be Longer rr further forward

    Review by Rachel vO

    I am a normal UK size 12-14. Following the sizing from Velovixen I had to order the XL pant. The fit of the pant is fairly good and the fabric feels like it will be fast drying however I agree with the previous comment that the gel pad is not long enough in the front as it does not reach my pubic bone so there is no protection. The gel pad is 6cm shorter than off-the-peg but less stylish knickers which cost less than 1/3 of the price.

    Very disappointing. Will have to return them as they aren't fit for purpose.

    VeloVixen Says: thanks for your thoughts, Rachel. So sorry to hear the fit didn't work for you - we will deal with your return once they're back with us. However, we do need to respond to your assertion that they are not fit for purpose and overpriced - in your case you've found they don't work for you which we don't dispute, but these are our single best selling piece of cycle clothing for nearly 3 years now, with an unusually low rate of returns. So by and large they very much are fit for purpose. They are priced sensibly for the quality of material, pad and finish they offer, especially to judge from the high number returning customers we have who come back to buy more. Best wishes for the rest of the summer and beyond! x

  4. Pad needs to be 1 to 1 1/2 inches further forward

    Review by Nikki

    Quality, styling and fit of the pant itself are all great. However I am a standard size 10 and a "normal" shape but the chamois misses my sit bones and doesnt protect far enough forwards either. Very disappointed.

    VeloVixen says:
    Sorry to hear that the padding doesn't fit your body shape, this isn't something we have heard before. Have a look at our alternative range of padded underwear which may fit you better. Thank you for your feedback.

  5. Fantastic Pants

    Review by Cornish

    I don't say that every often. Usually being no more than an occasional cyclist, I bought these for a cycling holiday where I did up to 45km per day. I have never had such a comfortable behind in the saddle. They dried out quickly after washing between rides too. Should add I also used my own gel saddle cover. Echo previous advice to size down if between sizes. Medium was perfect for my 12-14 arse. So so comfortable too.

  6. Great for the old girls too

    Review by Flower Power

    Great customer service on the phone from Velovixen helping with this delicate issue. I was concerned that these knickers may be too short in the body, but they are not. I was also concerned the chamois gusset would belike sitting on an enormous sanitary towel, but it is hardly noticeable. I am a size 14 and took advice to go with large and they fit just right for a 14/16 size behind. They are a bit pricey for knickers, but they are well made, they fit comfortably and there is no gain in sore delicates. I will be getting another pair shortly.

  7. I just love them

    Review by Anna

    I class myself as a leisure cyclist and I'm training at the moment for a lands end to John o groats challenge next year. Just tried them today and they are soooo comfortable, very pretty (unlike most sports gear). Beautifully made. They are expensive but I love them so much I've ordered a second pair.

    VeloVixen Says: Anna - that's great that they're working so well for you! Keep us posted about LEJOG next year - GOOD LUCK! x

  8. urban use

    Review by Anaiiis

    Beautiful pattern and well made pant. If between sizes, I would advise sizing down. They seem comfortable. My biggest fear was they will be too tight around the thighs - they are far from it, could even be more gripping there. Now, one final factor to consider is what are you going to use them for. If you are thinking about anything like 20 km + trips, you might be disappointed, as padding is not that excelling. You should switch to proper cycling padded pants for that. On the upside, if you want a urban cycling pant that you can squeeze under any normal pants or skirt, look no further. I am happy with the purchase, but do find these panties a bit pricy for what they offer.

    VeloVixen Says: thanks very much for your constructive comments! Glad to hear they're working well for you around town. On the distance/pad quality issue, although Urbanist suggest these are ideal for trips up to 25 miles, we've been consistently surprised/amazed by the number of people who've taken them touring or on cycling holidays and consistently twice that distance with no ill effects. One of the biggest selling points to us is the exceptional quality of the Italian pad considering the price tag.

  9. Wonderful

    Review by Anniemay

    I have been wearing these for spin classes and they are wonderfully comfortable. Not worn them out on the bike yet but I'm sure they'll be good for that too :-)))

    VeloVixen Says: fantastic to hear - we love them too, especially their flexibility that allows them to work for spinning too. x

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