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VeloVixen Padded Cycling Knickers - Ultra Violet Spots


Why to Buy: stunningly designed, incredibly versatile and just plain stylish, VeloVixen's first ever own creation will do you proud for commuting, spinning or touring

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VeloVixen's own padded cycling knickers bring together the best of everything we've learnt from selling padded cycling pants over the years. That means great fit*, outstandingly comfortable technical material, a high quality Italian chamois pad, and superb finish. They're the ideal piece of kit for wearing under shorts, jeans, leggings or even skirts, and perfect for commuting, leisurely rides, spin classes, touring and holidays.

It took us 6 years to put our own name on a product - so we wanted to ensure we were creating something truly special. Designed initially for rides of up to 10-15 miles, our testing over the months has shown us that for many people they can be worn for much longer distances thanks to the great material, pad and fit.

Add to all that some of the snazziest designs you'll find (these bold polka dots on ultra-cool ultra-violet still put a smile on our faces!), and you may find you'll need a pair for every day of the week.

* If you've owned a pair of our best-selling ZIB padded pants, the fit, pad and material are almost identical.

Size Guide

X-Small    ~ UK size 8 

Small       ~ UK Size 10

Medium   ~ UK Size 12

Large       ~ UK Size 14

X-Large   ~ UK Size 16

Tech Spec

Technical Features

  • Italian chamois – perfect for short or long distance
  • Perineal area designed to support female anatomy
  • Moisture wicking, stretchy, durable and lightweight DRY-CLIM fabric
  • Made in Latvia, North Europe


  • 84% Polyester
  • 16% Elastane and Microfiber Chamois

Machine washable 40°C

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

Who's Behind It?

We are! After 6 years of hand picking and curating the best cycling kit around, VeloVixen range was born in 2018. After that long, a couple of things were especially important: first, we'd learnt a lot about what works and looks great in women's cycling kit - we're not the Home of Women's Cycling Kit for nothing; second, we didn't want to create anything and risk our good name if we weren't 100% convinced about it ourselves - so we are.

We create VeloVixen products by boiling down what we've learnt over the years to the very essence of quality and style. We hope you like it! 

23 customer reviews

  1. not as good as I'd hoped

    Review by j

    Probably ok for a short ride where obvious cycling clothes not wanted.... but unavoidably small area of padding which didn't do it for me

  2. Light, good fit,v.short pad

    Review by Sue

    Really like these. The pad is thin but has excellent crush resistance so does the job. Its a nice flat pad which suits me as i have had discomfort with more channeled cut pads.
    Whilst they are low cut they don’t roll over. My only criticism is the pad is too short, I ride very upright so I dont know how a more aero rider wld manage. I wld prefer a slightly longer cut too, not up to the waist but for me they are a little too far below the navel. I dont know if bigger sizes have a longer pad, i chose xl and i am size 16. They sit on me without stretching so are really comfortable. On the short test ride, circa 13/14 miles, they did not move at all.

  3. Love them

    Review by GertyX

    Picked up a pair at the London Bike Show. I mountain bike, and while they aren't meant to be really heavy duty padding, they're pretty good, and address the big issue I have of overheating. With a pair of baggy shorts they are really comfy. I regret not getting more, but I'm under doctors orders to lose weight, so I'm waiting. The size XL is plenty big enough for size 18/20.

  4. 9.5/10 for the road and 10/10 on the Spin bike

    Review by Katrina

    I thought I would give you my thoughts on the VeloVixen padded pants. I road tested these on two separate occasions whilst out on my road bike a 31 mile ride and a 43 mile ride) and also twice whilst teaching Spinning®️ 2 x 45 minutes.

    I have rated them 9.5/10 for the road and 10/10 on the Spin bike...why?

    First thoughts: I liked the different colour options, I chose the pale blue with white stars. The elastic around the waist and the legs are not too thin that they cut into your flesh or too thick that they rub when legs are moving. They are just the right tension around the stomach and do not dig in when reaching over to the handle bars and the material is breathable and stretchy.

    The padding is spot on when it comes to padding over your sit bones. The width of padding across the widest part my bottom was spot on (and this is quite wide????). The width of the padding between the legs was good and did not cause any chaffing.

    The reason I deducted a half mark was that I could have done with a little extra length at the front, so the padding came up a little higher toward the pubic bone. I found that that there was a line of stitching which caused discomfort towards the end of my ride on my road bike. This particular ride was very windy and I was low down to cut down wind resistance and therefore there was more pressure at the front.

    I then tested them on my Spin bike and again they were brilliant. This time I did not have a problem with the stitching as I am in a more upright position on my Spin bike but ideally would have preferred a little extra length at the front.

  5. So pleased

    Review by Carol T

    Fantastic comfort- absolute revelation. Great for the larger lady as I’ve found out. Vaulted a price initially but now looking to get a second pair. Recommend

  6. Comfortable and great fit

    Review by ska face

    I've had my eye on these for a while but balked at the price tag - so when they were in the Black Friday sale I bought two pairs.

    I've not had a chance to wear them on the bike yet but I have tried them on - I got a size M and they fit perfectly, I can hardly feel them. This gives me so much more choices for cycling clothing as I can wear normal sports leggings instead of expensive cycling tights.

    VeloVixen says: so glad you've taken the plunge! Hopefully they can now justify the price - for further explanation, if needed, here's our blog about them...

  7. Fabulous

    Review by Lindsay

    Great fit, comfortable, can wear my normal exercise leggings and wash well. So good I bought a second pair at the Birmingham Cycle show. Also so nice to meet the staff of Velovixen.


    Review by Pamela

    Absolutely fantastic. Even on 80 miles! Perfect!

  9. Awesome comfy versatile knickers

    Review by Flo

    These are fabulous. They are more comfortable than some of my padded shorts & tights & I can wear them under running tights to expand my cycling wardrobe. The padding is enough to cushion for a decent ride but thin enough that it isn’t too bulky under other workout clothes or ordinary trousers- amazing. Thanks!

  10. Comfy & versatile- amazing!

    Review by Floflanna

    These are fantastic. They are more comfortable than several of my padded tights or shorts & mean I am able to pad up my running leggings & expand my riding wardrobe. Fabulous- thanks for the ingenuity & great design!

  11. Excellent

    Review by Ruth

    All I will say is that I wish I had bought these ages ago ! They are seriously well designed, fair price , and really comfy for up to 50 miles ( so far ! ) . I also bought some Hoo Ha Ride Glide and I reckon that will turn out to be an excellent buy too !
    Well done Velovixen! And thankyou for making them ! ????????????

  12. A great, essential buy!

    Review by Arcadegirl

    These pants are superb - they really do cushion the ride, they are silky smooth and you hardly know you are wearing them! Highly recommended.

  13. So comfortable

    Review by Celia

    I bought the Velovixen own make of padded knickers because I wanted a second pair. Previously I had bought a pair of the (more expensive) Urbanist ones. Well, I am thrilled with the Velovixen ones. The pad is less thick which makes them more comfortable, the Urbanist ones are too padded I think, certainly when off the bike they feel a bit 'nappy-like'. Also the Velovixen ones are longer in the front which suits my style of riding. Do size up though. I am normally size 8-10 and so bought a size small. They fit fine but perhaps a little tighter than I really like. If I bought another pair I would size up.

    VeloVixen Says: thanks so much for your thoughts, Celia, and your glowing approval! For what it's worth - and sizing can be a tricky business! - we do find that people generally find a small works for a UK size 10, medium for a size 12, large for a size 14, etc. We get very low levels of exchanges with that as a rule of thumb.

  14. Velovixen padded cycling knickers

    Review by Sue

    I've just bought two pairs of Velovixen padded cycling knickers in anticipation of a bike and boat ride holiday booked later this summer. I am usually a size 10/12 and bought a size M (12) which fit perfectly and feel very comfortable. I am really looking forward to trying these out and don't think I'll be waiting for my holiday. I usually end up very saddle sore but I am confident these will do the trick.

  15. Delighted

    Review by Lynny

    These cycling knickers are just what I wanted for short trips out for coffee or lunch, when I don’t want to wear full Lycra. They fit really well and are true to size. They fit snugly under my jeans. I’m considering buying a 2nd pair.

  16. What a find!

    Review by Buffy

    These padded knickers are cute, comfortable and they work! In this hot weather I wear 3/4 length loose unpadded shorts. I was having to wear padded shorts underneath which were far too hot. These knickers feel rather like wearing a swim wear bottom. I am amazed and delighted that such little pants really can provide such good padding. And they certainly reduce the heat factor. Great product! I'm saving up for another pair.

  17. Great buy

    Review by PAS

    This is the second pair of padded knickers I have bought, they are brilliant. Fit well, comfortable, wash well and mean that I can wear running shorts or tights on top and don't need a whole host of cycling specific trousers. Highly recommended. Sizing is as expected, which is a real bonus, so no sending back.

  18. Looking forward to my holiday

    Review by MEB

    I've just had a test bike ride in my new knickers to get an idea how they will feel during our cycling holiday. And I can certainly look forward to doing 30 to 40 miles a day wearing these. They feel comfortable but don't feel so hot and close as padded shorts would in today's temperature of 21 C. So I'm going to get another pair straight away to take with me.

    Just one query. I was thinking they could be washed in 30 degrees on a short wash of 15 mins. Does anybody have any other ideas? I think some washing instructions along with the pants would have been a good idea.

    VeloVixen Says: thanks for the great review. You make a good point about the washing instructions - they're pretty robust, but you're right that a gentle 30c wash will extend their life and we should make this clearer. x

  19. Worth the money

    Review by GillyUs

    I admit to being sceptcal when I bought a pair of these padded pants. It seemed a lot of money to pay for, well, a pair of pants. Now I've worn them a few times I admit I'm a recruit to the fan club. They are very comfortable, well cut, not at all bulky, and, most importantly, protect those tender parts from chafing. I spin two or three times a week, cycle most days around town and am booked on a cycle tour of Slovenia in September. I may have to splash out on a second pair of these padded pants. They are a great product. Thank you Velo Vixen.

  20. Brilliant

    Review by Deb

    I’ve recently been suffering down below when practising cycling for an Olympic triathlon . Somehow your web page came up on facebook. I bought these pants and some Hoo Ha Ride Glide cream. No pain for my triathlon, which was fantastic and came in time too! Excellent service!

  21. Brilliant addition to my commuting kit!

    Review by Valerie

    I have been using these a few times now for my 10miles commute and I can say they are really comfortable. I am normally a size 8 but got recommended to use the M size and they fit perfectly. I think they actually look great on for a pair of padded pants. Well worth the money. Thanks Velovixen

    VeloVixen Says: thanks for the review, Valerie! Delighted you like them. We'd just add for the sake of other potential buyers that we've had very few returns where wearers have gone by the size guide: ie. XS = UK size 8, S = 10, M = 12, L = 14, XL = 16. xx


    Review by Annie56

    I took my two pairs of cycling knickers on a cycling holiday to Spain ( in the mountains of Ronda). For the first two rides I wore my cycling shorts (two well known brands) as I was unsure how the knickers would be on long hilly rides. I should not have worried as I wore them for the next two days doing 2800 feet climbing over 18 miles and 2500 feet over 23 miles and could not fault them. They fit perfectly they don’t cause rucking up around the chamois like my shorts do and they feel really feminine especially when going for lunch as no Big bottom feeling!! They kept me dry and I felt fresh all day. They also dry very quickly unlike shorts. I will be buying a couple more pairs when I return home ready for my next cycling trip to Vietnam.

  23. Perfect pants!

    Review by Nicki T

    Was looking for a pair of padded pants for those days when I'm not in lycra all day but teaching bikeabilty so on and off the bike for a few hours. The day I brought them I had a 11 mile ride planned. So decided to give them a try as I was going shopping straight after and didn't want to be in thick shorts all day. The fit was perfect I'm a size 14 (35" waist) and the large size was great. They were nice and close fitting and didn't ride up with wear! Love the polka dot ones.. Now best save for the black star pattern.

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