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VeloVixen Own-Blend Artisan Coffee (Beans)

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Why to Buy: we drink a lot of coffee - and this is the best we've ever found in the UK, right on our doorstep!

Please note: as with any artisan blend, the exact ratio of beans may vary (but we guarantee they'll be delicious!)

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When you love coffee as much as we (and so many of us cyclists!) do, then there's only one thing for it: track down the very best and share it.

We happen to have found what we consider to be the best around - and it's right here on our doorstep in Oxford. VeloVixen coffee is selected, roasted and blended by master coffee craftsman Barney Kemp of Wildwood Coffee, in batches so small that we have to bribe him hard to get him to produce more.

This Brazil and Papua New Guinea blend is a classic 'medium' roast. It has a low acid, with malt sweetness and a rounded finish - perfect for a great cup any time of day, before or after riding. Try it and you'll find out why we're such devotees.


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Tech Spec

  • Specialty artisan Arabica beans
  • Sourced from traceable family cooperatives
  • Roasted in Oxford one kg at a time in a traditional drum roaster
  • Suitable for all grinders, according to taste
  • Low acid
  • Malt sweetness
  • Rounded finish
  • Recently roasted

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