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Vulpine Cotton City Cycling Cap (Navy)

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Why to buy: Keep sun rays at bay and raindrops astray. Practically perfect in every way.

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Everyone loves a cycling cap - whether you race, casually commute or quite frankly just like the look of them! They're perfect for all seasons and Vulpine's Cotton City Cap is the perfect solution for steady rain or bright sunshine. They're so stylish too!

This is a classic four-panelled cap, equally at home under your helmet or worn to add cycling style to your outfit. The peak is made of thin cotton and can be bent and flipped up when the sun goes in. Flip it back down to keep the sun out of your eyes and shield them from splashes - cap devotees say they wouldn't ride in the rain without one! The elastic rear trim makes for a snug fit, holding the cap firmly on your head.

Ideal for:

  • Wearing under a cycling helmet.
  • Shading eyes from sunlight whilst riding.
  • Avoiding splashes from sweat or rain.
  • Adding a statement to your summer chic.

Size Guide

Measure around the widest part of your head.

Small: <57cm

Medium: 57-61cm

Tech Spec

  • Made from 100% tough mid-weight cotton.
  • Four-panelled construction.
  • Line detailing.
  • Colour contrast under peak.
  • Soft inner headband lining.
  • Rear elastic for a better fit.
  • Foldable.
  • Classic Navy/ Sunshine colour.

Ideal for:

  • Wearing under a cycling helmet.
  • Shading eyes from sunlight whilst riding.
  • Avoiding road grit splashes.
  • Adding a statement to your summer chic.

Who's Behind It?

Vulpine was founded by Nick & Emmalou Hussey at around the same time as VeloVixen. Coming from backgrounds in film & design, they put their life savings and house into creating the company.

They now have a little boy, Millar, and a daughter Lyra. They've had cycling genetically implanted into them. The team has grown significantly through less organic means too. Vulpine have quickly become one of the biggest and most ambitious names in cycling. Crucially, office Jack Russell Lily, remains in a position of responsibility.

They've put in years of painstaking design, research and testing to create stylish cycling apparel that you'll actually want to wear both for cycling and for when you get where you're going. They've have made sure that it is all cut for cycling, with a classic British tailored influence. They've chosen sophisticated colours that don't just mimic other products out there. They've added innovations that are practical without being dull. And visibility features that you can wear with pride.

Vulpine has been a dream for most of Nick's adult life. He fell in love with cycling as a child, quickly graduating to pretty serious road racing and time trialling. But the enjoyment of cycling in all its forms is absolutely key to all the Vulpine team members. They believe we are all Cyclists, but also people with lives off the bike as well as on. We look forward to working with them as their exponential growth and profile continues.

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