Water Off A Duck's Back Waterproof Jacket


Why to Buy: understated and compact, this rainproof chic jacket will suit you equally well on or off the bike

NOTE: this jacket is sadly no longer available, but we've made some alternative suggestions at the bottom of this page that we think you may like...

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The British-made Water Off A Duck's Back Waterproof Jacket is designed to look like a normal jacket, rather than your average shapeless waterproof cycling jacket.  It's been tailored specifically with cyclists in mind and as a result there is plenty of freedom in the arms and shoulders when you're actually pedalling. This makes riding any bike comfortable without ever compromising the jacket's shape and style. 

The cuffs, collar and back all benefit from hidden reflective panels so that when you're out after dark you stay safe and reflective. And when you walk into the restaurant/pub/office (delete as appropriate) the panels can be hidden away and the jacket looks like an item of normal clothing.

Size Guide

Water Off A Duck's Back is a proudly British firm, and size their garments along typical UK sizing lines. Before choosing your size, consider how many layers you're likely to wear under yours - if the answer is 'several', don't be afraid to go one size up.

Small: UK Size 10

Medium: UK Size 12

Large: UK Size 14

Tech Spec

  • Collar, cuffs and waistband reverse to reveal hi-vis reflective strips
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Crumple resistant
  • Lightweight - approx. 450g, depending on size
  • Machine washable
  • Packs down small

Who's Behind It?

Water Off A Duck's Back was formed when Antonia Maybury got tired of having to put on functional, unflattering cycle wear over her normal clothes when using her bike.  She set up Water Off A Duck’s Back to provide beautiful stylish clothing for cyclists who want to look stylish and fashionable whilst staying safe, warm and dry on the go.

"I was tired of having to carry out my best highlighter impression to be safe on the roads.  I was desperate to find a good-looking waterproof coat.  I was amazed to discover that there was nothing that I liked in the market place - and so Water Off A Duck's Back was born."

Her objective is to create coats that look like chic regular coats but that enjoy hidden qualities.  Waterproof, breathable and machine washable, they have hidden reflective panels so you can cycle safely after dark (without looking like a highlighter!).

As a British business based in London, Water off a Duck's Back tries to work with other British businesses to create their products.  The coats are made in a factory in Kentish Town (North London).  To minimise the impact of our business on the environment the packaging used for transportation from factory to shop and warehouse is British made bio-degradable plastic.

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  1. looks so much better

    Review by Rebecca

    this looks so much smarter than the usual bike jacket and I am extra full of praise as I have should have replaced my old jacket sooner.. so this is more waterproof and smarter anyway! love the glow bits, hope they dont wear too fast. am a little worried what it will look like with another couple of layers underneath..

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