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Castelli Arrivo 2 Thermo Skully - Anthracite


Why to buy: The Castelli Arrivo 2 Thermo Skully is warm and soft ensuring you no longer have those Winter "ice cream head" moments. 

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The Castelli Arrivo 2 Thermo Skully has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect under helmet winter skull cap (its pretty good worn on its own for say a run too).

What makes it so good? Well to start with Castelli use there own Thermoflex fabric this is a lightly brushed, tight knit, thin fleece which is soft and very stretchy. The hem of the Skully is raw cut, this means there are no seams to press into your forehead. The small amount of stitching that is required is unoptrusive and flat locked for great comfort.

Size Guide

One size fits all.

In reality Uni-Size for hats suits those with a head cirrcumfrance of approx 50-60cm, however please NOTE with headwear that if you have an impressive amount of hair and depending on the style you wear it, not all hats will fit you even if your head circumference falls in these limits. To combat this several of the "womens" headwear pieces contain a pony tail trap door which may suit anyone sporting long hair. 

Tech Spec

  • Designed to fit under a helmet for instant winter warmth, without bulk.
  • Thermoflex is warm, soft and stretchy
  • The raw cut edge lies flat and doesn't bunch under helmet.
  • Size range- Uni Size
  • Weight 26 g
  • Comfort range <12c

Who's Behind It?

Q. What do a 19th century Italian tailor, a designer for the Milan Ballet and the first ever lycra cycling shorts have in common?

A. They are all part of a rich 140 year history that's led to today's most recognised brand in cycling: Castelli.

Throw in a heart attack on a famous Italian climb, family feuds, Olympic gold medals and controversy in the pro peloton and it begins to sound more like a Sicilian soap opera than the backdrop to a cycling brand. But then again Castelli is no ordinary brand.

Today, Castelli's scorpion emblem is arguably the single most recognised in cycling. Iconic is an overused word these days, but the Castelli brand surely qualifies.

We first discovered Castelli on our year long ride through the Americas in 2010, when our founder Liz (pictured) wore Castelli shorts and loved them, so stocking them seemed an obvious choice. But we're almost as captivated by the story behind the name as the kit itself! For the full Castelli story (it's quite a story!), click here.

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