Primal Electric Shock Socks


Why to buy: Add a little shock to your sock game. Designed to help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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Throw your old, boring socks aside and up your kit game. It's all about how colourful and crazy you can get with your sock style, so what better way than with Primal's cycling range.

The Primal Electric Shock Socks have been carefully constructed, to provide the busy cyclist with lasting comfort, all day. Made from fabric that offers fantastic breathability and moisture wicking qualities. Transferring air through your feet to keep them cool, so you can avoid sweaty situations. Plus any moisture produced, will be lifted off your skin onto the fabric (instead of soaking your bike shoes through).

Easily pairable with any choice of kit, whether you love it simple or colour-catchy.

Size Guide

The Primal Electric Shock Cycling Socks are ONE SIZE.

  • UK shoe size: 2.5-6.5 | US shoe size: 5-9 | EU shoe size: 35-40

Tech Spec

  • 50% Acrylic | 25% Nylon | 15% Spandex | 10% Lycra
  • Air transfer fabrics
  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Mesh top
  • Tall cuff, mid calf height
  • ONE SIZE: UK shoe ~ 2.5 - 6.5

Who's Behind It?

Primal was founded in 1992 by 'real' cyclists. It's an ethos they maintain today: every employee must be a passionate and positive cyclist - but not necessarily a hugely talented one! Their primary aim is to create clothes for cyclists that not only work perfectly, but also look unique, beautiful and full of character.

Their design department is famous in the cycling world, constantly creating ambitious new looks but never allowing style to overwhelm substance. Whilst they are amongst the biggest cycling clothing companies in the world, they stand out by remaining human, approachable and flexible. They go out of their way to avoid becoming a corporate behemoth focused on 'peddling not pedalling'. It's a great approach.

Their Global Headquarters is in Denver, Colorado (lucky them!), but they have been growing within Europe for several years now, and their UK team is fully focused on what is a new market for them. We are hoping to grow with them.

1 customer reviews

  1. Love these socks.

    Review by Nicki

    I have bought these socks twice as a gift and they have been very well received indeed.

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