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ZIB Padded Canny Bunny Cycling Knickers

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Why to Buy: Continental, classically inspired cycling underwear, perfect for both longer or shorter rides with stunning quality italian chamois padding.

NOTE: unfortunately these popular pants are no longer available. However, don't despair! The VeloVixen ones below are made of the same fabric and pad, and the fit is identical, so take your pick and you won't notice the difference until you look at the graphics (which we think are even cooler!).

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Professionally designed to be worn uder your normal clothing, Zib's women's cycling underwear is the perfect companion whether it's commuting, city riding or your favourite spin class. Bright and bold, the Zib Canny Bunny Pants are made from top quality DRY-CLIM fabric and offer a slim profile which fits the female form perfectly and slips under your normal clothing without feeling bulky. Crucially, the chamois pads come from one of Italy's most respected chamois designers.

Hailing from Latvia, the Zib padded pants provide the best of both worlds when it comes to leading designs and perfect fit, meaning you'll ride in sublime comfort whilst staying nimble all day long! The Zib Canny Bunny pants offer you everything you could want and more to fit into your cycling life. Sensibly cut to give the most comfortable fit possible whilst enhancing the female form, they're at home in any environment and help to ensure chaffing and digging in are a thing of the past.

The Zib Canny Bunny Pants are well suited for medium/longer rides of up to 25 miles, or even longer. A quantum leap forward for women's cycling kit.

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

*Check out the video with the lovely Anna's Legs designer for some friendly advise on 'How to ride in complete comfort'

Size Guide

Small ~ UK Size 10

Medium ~ UK Size 12

Large ~ UK Size 14

For now, ZIB are not making any larger sizes than Large.

Tech Spec

Technical Features

  • Italian chamois – Perfect for short or long distance. Perineal area designed to support female anatomy.
  • Moisture wicking, strechy, durable and lightweight DRY-CLIM fabric.
  • ZIB* print – Custom made on every cut and sewn piece.
  • Made in Latvia, North Europe.


  • 84% Polyester
  • 16% Elastane and Microfiber Chamois

Machine washable at 40°C

Its strongly advised in the cycling world, NOT to wear your everyday knickers underneath cycling bibs, shorts or panties. They've been created to replace knickers and provide a comfortable padded alternative.

Who's Behind It?

Zib began in 2011 when – Inga Priedite and Irena Andrejeva from the Art Academy of Latvia decided to join their creative forces together in bringing to life their drawings and printing them on clothing. Having gone from strength to strength, the rapidly growing team is hugely talented and still firmly based in Riga, Latvia. They retain the vision and talent to bring art to everyday apparel.

The first supporters of ZIB* were friends and family who merrily and energetically got involved in the process. During the early years the range of products has evolved and increased, but they still reflect and embody their joy of colour and freedom. All ZIB* prints are based on their drawings and paintings, making each item unique and different in its color tone or paint drops on the fabric.

2 customer reviews

  1. Brilliant

    Review by Kal

    These pants are one of the best cycling buys ever for me. I bought 2 for my 2 week cycle trip along the Danube-I was cycling between 50-90km/day for most of the time. I wore these pants under a pair of Findra shorts (see my review of these too) cycling in the heat of Bavurian summer. So a) they are very pretty, so pretty I wish I had the confidence to wear them on their own because it would have been fine b) the description says 25 miles-you can easily cycle longer c) they are so easy to wash daily and dry the next day and very robust d) ok so it got a little sweaty sometimes when I stopped but there was no chafing or bad odour or infection and after a while I didnt sometimes notice them-you can even a few apres cycle drinks in them! I now use them when Im commuting long distances across London and really notice if i forgot to put them on.

  2. fair warning

    Review by Lisa

    these were my first pair of padded cycling pant(ies). I suppose I bought them because they seem a cute concept. Sadly, I found them to be quite impractical. There is no inner liner between your skin & the cushion... Thus it would seen wise (hygenically) to wear panties underneath them, and you still need to wear a shirt, trousers, something on top... About the last thing I want when I'm cycling is layers of clothes on that particular region of my body, and excess seams to rub against my skin as well.

    That was a rather expensive pair of pants, that I don't envisiage wearing very often, sadly.

    VeloVixen says: Lisa - thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear you're not planning to wear them often. As you may not be aware, chamois pads of the like found in these pants or any other cycling shorts, are designed to be worn with nothing between the skin and the cushion. Any other lining would chafe and defeat the object of the pad. It can take a bit of getting used to, but it's much the most comfortable way to ride, whether you're doing 5 miles or 105 miles. Definitely never wear with pants underneath! Hope that helps... x

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